With approximately 288,000 traditionally published books and 764,000 self-published books produced in the United States each year, it is quite easy to be overlooked. Kelley & Hall Book Publicity has a great deal of experience working with authors to create dynamic and creative campaigns. The firm specializes in generating fresh concepts and newsworthy angles that will correlate with your background as well as the subject of your book. They take a creative approach and will craft a dynamic, branding campaign for you and a publicity push for your work.

They can offer you a close working relationship that encourages effective interaction, as well as the generation of new and unique ideas. Their philosophy of giving clients that extra effort and highly personalized service is so similar to our own way of working that we recommend that you consider having them join with you and us to help make your book a sales success.

A study conducted by The Wellesley Hill Group on the impact of marketing on authors who had written books to build their small businesses arrived at the following conclusions:

    51% of authors invested personal funds in marketing their book.

    • The amount authors personally invested in their books ranged from under $1,000 to $150,000 with a median investment amount of $4500.

    • Authors who hired “outside help sold 10,000 copies of their first book and earned royalties of $55,000, compared to 4,500 copies sold and royalties of $25,000 for authors who depended solely on the efforts of their publishers” (Publishers Weekly).

    • Most effective marketing tactic: Using the Internet.

    • Second most effective marketing tactic: Generating press in trade publications related to the topic of the book (for non-fiction).

    • Book signings were considered not very effective.

    • Authors who hired reputable firms to promote their book earned higher royalties.

    • Authors said there were many indirect benefits to marketing their books rather than straight sales.

(Source: Business by the Book, Business Week, 4/12/06, Karen E. Klein -and- Documenting the Value of Marketing, Publishers Weekly, 4/24/06, Jim Milliot)

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