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The following are the musings of a word monger, a picture lover, a passionate bibliophile since the age of 2. For over forty years, I have worked as a writer, a designer, a producer, and a promoter of many items: the dearest of which is the book. Not only is it an intellectual love of the ideas contained therein, but it is also a tactile response that comes from just holding a book in one's hands and opening it for the first time. I believe that there should be a special circle in Hell for those people who crack the spine of a book just so it will lie flat. I appreciate the look of type – classic as well as modern. The typeface designed by William Caslon, which was used to print the first copy of the Declaration of Independence, still works effectively in designing books today. I admire what Knopf's great book designer, Chip Kidd, has created for the book jackets of Michael Crichton, Larry McMurtry, and Cormac McCarthy. Not only can you judge a book by its cover, but more often than not, the cover sells the book. I passionately concur with Thomas Jefferson when he proclaimed, "I cannot live without books." This is why I am a publisher.



Jim Kelley 

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