Promoting Fiction and Non-Fiction

Non fiction is easier to promote than fiction because it can either be newsworthy and current, or it can fit into a niche. Niche marketing is an effective way for authors to impact the sales of their books. While it is not advisable to slant a book just to fit a niche, it is smart to consider what non-traditional avenues can be pursued beyond the conventional bookstore or online giants like and These can be gift shops for books on dolls or crafts, gourmet shops for cookbooks, garden shops and nurseries for books on plants or landscape design. Companies or organizations could buy and redistribute special interest books:  a major producer of toothpaste might be interested in a book which teaches children proper care of their teeth, or national health organizations could use a range of wellness books as a means of bringing attention to their activities. Keep in mind the audience for your book, and ask yourself the places where they shop or visit frequently.

With fiction, you must be a little more clever. If there is a dog in your novel, make it a specific breed, so that you can direct releases to associations, groups, magazines, etc., interested in that type. If your work centers around a terrorist group attempting to blow up an LNG tanker, the radio and TV stations, as well as newspapers, in cities where LNG tankers dock would likely be interested in reviewing your book or even interviewing you.

Whether you are trying to promote fiction or non fiction, remember that it is more difficult, and expensive, to promote your book to a broad audience than it is to a specific, definable, and easily accessible group.

Many great writers are great promoters, too.

Grey Swan

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